This document ensures complete transparency and links the user-you and the provider-us. My Class Helpers makes sure that any piece of information that we provide is not misleading, incorrect or ambiguous in any way.

Our Information:

There are a few rules and regulations that our website is controlled by and which our clients can read about in our privacy policy. In order to ensure the quality of service we provide to our clients, we reserve the right to identify any users and visitors whose data or information is acquired. We reserve the right to gather information from users who register on our website, such as their name, age, demographics, geographic location, metrics, username, password, and other pertinent data. If you create an account on our website or register for one of our services, we reserve the right to record, analyze, and keep information about you. Information will be saved on secure encrypted discs, ensuring that there will be no data threats, violations, or copyright stamps.

Details on our website:

Any content or material on our website is not intended for use by others, regardless of the manner. As long as we respect the rules and regulations of cybercrime and plagiarism, we retain the right to sue entities on behalf of our property in any form. This website's information should not be duplicated or downloaded in an unethical manner. We respect people's privacy as well as their intellectual property. As a result, we own all of our media, whether it's words, documents, video, images, info graphics, or anything else.

Payments and Transactions:

Please note that after a user has authorized a payment or selected a plan for them, we hold the right to perform the transaction once the user has agreed to be charged. If a person claims that they did not make the payment or that it was done by someone else, they shall not be entertained. We will not be held liable if another member of staff carried out the transaction with someone else's credentials because our system will not detect such activity. However, your information may be saved by the system for future purchases. Furthermore, since the user knowingly provided the information on our website, we will not be held liable in the event of a data breach. We are responsible to third parties and will not hesitate to share your documents and information with government and agency officials. We are obligated by the law, and as law-abiding citizens, we shall comply with any requests for your data if a higher authority intervenes. Even though such incidents are extremely rare, they are noteworthy.

Refund Policy:

Any requests for refunds will not be entertained unless:

  • The course fails to produce what was promised to the user (this only applies if the user’s portal or dashboard shows a failed course)
  • A double payment or an error takes place on our side, in which case we will refund your money (with proper proof and documentation)
  • In the case of any problem or miscommitment on our side. Users are advised to choose the plan that best matches their demands, and in the event of a refund, ensure that the website has been updated or that someone from has been acknowledged beforehand. We will do everything we can to help you as much as possible.


All websites use cookies to gather user information and improve tracking performance. If you're unfamiliar with cookies, they're small data files used by websites to track things like IP addresses and location. We also track cookies in order to provide better services to our customers and to keep track of our statistics. The user is informed that cookies are being recorded, kept, and analyzed on our website. Most cookies save information about a user's demographics, such as their age, date of birth, and location.

We also reserve the right to transfer information to third-party websites, as the internet is awash in marketers looking to sell their wares. Third-party websites, businesses, or corporations may employ marketing cookies to evaluate ad campaigns such as PPC, paid marketing, SEM, ads, or marketing in general. The main goal is to provide viewers with better adverts while also targeting the right audience. We, shall not be held responsible in any manner in the event of breach of information by any third-party cookie collector or website.


All the logos, trademarks, and content posted on our website is owned by We retain the right to sue anyone who plagiarises our logo using the authorities and legal powers entrusted to us by the government. We would appreciate it if you respected our independence and did not try to challenge our intellectual property by submitting media to our website. Furthermore, any promotions, promotional services, and advertising supplied on the website are our property, and we reserve the right to cancel any subscription, promotion, or campaign if it violates the rules and regulations. Moreover, if we notice any fraudulent, undocumented, or immoral information submitted by the user, we reserve the right to dissolve your account.


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